Sweet Fuel Efficiency

February 14, 2010 at 9:33 pm | Posted in What's happing this week? | Leave a comment

As the Dreamliner enters its third month of flight testing, I just wanted to provide a quick overview of perhaps the aircraft’s most impressive feature. While the 787 will have a lower cabin altitude (think less noise bleeds and headaches while flying) and bigger windows (think of all the cool things you miss looking of those tiny ones commercial airplanes have now), the best thing about the 787 is its fuel efficiency. The 787 will be 20% more fuel efficient that its current counterpart the 767. So what does 20% equate to in terms of volume. Well the 787 holds just over thirty-three thousand gallons of fuel. On longer flights, the aircraft will use nearly all the fuel to reach its destination.  However, with its 20% more fuel efficient design, the aircraft will burn nearly 6,700 LESS gallons of fuel per flight. Wow! That’s a lot of tanks of gas in my F150.  Considering that Jet fuel (JET A) is hovering right around $4.40 a gallon right now that’s an average savings of $29,000 per flight assuming the plane uses its entire fuel capacity. Now considering that 787-8 has the capacity for 250 seats, the savings per seat is almost $120 in fuel alone! Can someone say cheaper tickets!!


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