787 Interior Photos

January 27, 2010 at 3:56 am | Posted in 787 Background | 7 Comments

Here are some photos of what it will be like flying on the 787 in the near future. Check out these images and see how they compare to the current seats in today’s commercial aircraft!



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  1. WOW…those are great ! It looks less like a plane and more like a room. Now if only you could get rid of turbulence…. : > )
    thanks for posting those !!

    • No problem. I agree that it certainly is a beautiful airplane. Unfortunately mother nature determines turbulence. The only thing that counteracts turbulence is weight and heavy aircraft burn more fuel. Thus, I think turbulence is going to be more of an issue in the future as planes get lighter and lighter in an effort to decrease fuel consumption.

  2. That is incredibly comfy looking! I am about 6′ tall and always feel crunched into planes, but would love sitting in one of those. Great pictures!

    • Oh ya, you would fit no problem in a 787. In the pressure in the cabin is higher so you don’t feel so light-headed when you are flying. Really, everything about it is better!

  3. bummer about the turbulence. At least we’ll be more comfortable as we’re bouncing around : > )

  4. Those are great pics of the interior. Looks incredibly comfortable and almost luxurious! 🙂

  5. Here’s another blog story on the interior of the plane…http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/runway-girl/2010/02/details-from-boeings-787-inter.html

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