The engines are roaring

January 21, 2010 at 3:11 am | Posted in What's happing this week? | 6 Comments

Since the first flight of the 787 on Dec. 15th 2009, things have been progressing at a rapid rate. New planes are being moved into flight test each and every week and more planes are coming together in the factory. People up in Everett, WA are really starting to come together to see this beautiful plane successfully complete flight test and make delivery late this year. Stay tuned, more to come soon!



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  1. Nice! I’m definitely staying tuned!

  2. Matthew – can’t wait to hear more about this plane! Are you able to share pictures of the inside design ? how many test flights does it have to make before it opens up to the public? how are pilots trained on a new plane?
    thanks. great topic!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Unfortunately, some of the cool stuff is proprietary so I can’t share everything. However, I will try and see if I can find some non-proprietary pictures of the inside. It is really going to be a beautiful plane, probably one you will one day fly on.

      The number of test flights is going to be immense (over 3,000 hours of flying before its all said and done). There are 6 test flight airplanes that will be flying basically non-stop (except for refueling) over the next year to try and get FAA certification for the design.

      Training for the pilots in done on simulators. The pilots that fly these planes are some of Boeing’s best and go through years of training on simulators prior to actually flying one. With such a big investment, Boeing doesn’t want to make the mistake of putting an untrained pilot in control.

      • I’m sure I will and am eager to do so! good to know it is tested…obviously, it must be. I remember when the 777 went into use – it was so great. The new lie-flat beds United has upgraded the 757’s to are pretty nice. We got to fly it to London last year. It was very comfortable.

  3. Cool, are you an airplane engineer? Or a pilot? Are you working on the project in WA? Allison Prout

    • Hi Allison,

      As a matter of fact I am! I am also a private pilot (small planes not big ones). The 787 is being built in Everett Washington however Boeing is also opening a production facility in Charleston South Carolina as well. Currently I am up in Everett Washington with the company.

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